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## Programming

- [How to be a better programmer?](
- [How much do you program?](
- [How obsessive are you with your code?](
- [Where’s the fun in programming?](
- [Is 36 too late to start into programming?](
- [Things you wish you’d learned about programming in college?](
- [What source code is worth studying?](
- [What was the worst bug you’ve ever solved ?](
- [How do you explain how programming works to complete non-techies?](
- [Share your Immoral Hacks, Codes or Tweaks](
- [Ridiculous Coding Practices by companies you have worked for](


### Language Choice

- [Why choose a dynamically typed language?](
- [(No) Microsoft based start-ups?](
- [What startups here are focusing on developing on top of .NET?](
- [How to choose the right language](
- [In which modern language/environment/framework is programming a joy?](

### Assembly

- [What is hand-coded assembly language used for these days?](
- [Learning C and ASM, what’s the way to go?](
- [Should programmers learn machine code?](

### C

- [Should I learn C?](
- [I use and love Python. What’s the best book to learn C ?](

### C++

- [Learning C++ in 2010](
- [If C++ is so bad, what should game developers use?](

### Clojure

- [Why should I care about Clojure?](
- [Who’s using Clojure, and to do what?](
- [How dangerous is Clojure’s immutability assumption?](
- [Getting started with Clojure](
- [Clojure best practice for web applications?](
- [Common Lisp vs Clojure for web apps?](
- [Clojure as a first progamming language?](

### Haskell

- [Career opportunities with Haskell?](

### Java

- [Why are there so few apps being built with JSP?](
- [Is java dead for startups?](
- [Reasonable Java editor for heavily CLI-oriented UNIX types who hate bloat?](

### Javascript

- [JavaScript dev environment ?](
- [Need best Javascript books suggestion](
- [What is your favorite Javascript UI framework out there ?](
- [Learning Javascript & AJAX](
- [Javascript best practices?](

### Objective-C

- [Best short text to learn Objective-C](
- [What do you think of Objective-C?](

### PHP

- [How do I go about PHP?](

### Python

- [How will it impact my webapp if it is written in Python instead of PHP.](
- [Why are there 2 Pythons? (2.7 & 3.1.2)](
- [Anyone using Python 3 in production?](
- [I don’t like Python. Does that make me a bad person?](
- [Why Python over Ruby?](
- [Pythonic startups: what web framework do you use?](
- [What did you use to teach yourself Python?](

### Ruby

- [Suggestions for Starting with Ruby on Rails?](
- [Should I Learn Ruby?](
- [Can you recommend some good RoR books?](