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## Life

- [Daily schedule](
- [What’s your most interesting life goal currently?](
- [What’s your morning routine?](
- [I’m way too shy, please help](
- [How do you fight procrastination?](
- [What are your productivity hacks?](
- [How to make smalltalk?](
- [Any tips for living cheaply in SF?](


- [Do you have a startup spouse?](
- [Has your startup affects your relationship with your wife or girlfriend?](
- [cofounders as couples ?](
- [Startup vs Girlfriend](
- [Marriage](
- [I have a serious GF, but still want to apply. Good Idea?](


- [Tips for Hackers having Kids?](
- [How many kids do you have?](


- [How long did it take you to pay off your student loans?](
- [Is a PhD a good way to focus & motivate you?](
- [Should I get my degree or not?](
- [So What Universities Are Good?](
- [What’s missing in a CS degree?](
- [At 34, do I go back to college or not?](
- [Is there a point to school?](
- [Advice for freshmen entering college](
- [Have you ever felt inferior for not being from a name-brand college?](
- [What is your highest educational qualification?](


- [Who is currently broke due to being in a startup?](
- [How did your life change after FU money?](
- [Tips and Tricks to Save Money While Running a Startup](


- [What should we eat?](
- [Food hacks for eating well?](
- [got any food hacks?](
- [What do you drink?](
- [What do you eat?](


- [List everything you know that is good/bad for our brains.](
- [Which vitamin supplements do you take?](
- [Any health tips?](
- [If you didn’t have to worry about healthcare, would you start a company?](
- [Wrist Pain](
- [How do you stay (somewhat) healthy?](
- [Back problems](
- [How much do you exercise a day/week?](
- [Health Insurance?](