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## Investing and Finance

- [How would you make \$25,000 if you had \$25,000?](
- [What’s been your best investment?](
- [Is it feasible to do high-frequency trading as an individual?](
- [How do you pick stocks?](
- [How do I turn 100K into 1 million?](
- [Good resources for learning+getting into Finance / Trading?](
- [Please explain short selling?](
- [How come so many of you know about stocks/finance ?](
- [How to become a millionaire in 3 years?](
- [I sold my company last month for \$5m. What do I do with the money?](
- [How did you learn about stock market/trading investing ?](
- [How would you invest \$50,000?](
- [Steady 4-5% on \$5 million?](
- [Where to invest \$300-600k in Silicon Valley?](