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## Design/UI/UX

- [Learning Web Design](
- [All startup websites look the same](
- [Do you design your own website?](
- [Modern web design resources?](
- [Places to buy web application templates](
- [Web Designers - What elements make for great designs?](
- [What does \$2000 in Web design/development buy you these days?](
- [How can I get better at design?](
- [How can I write an interface like Gmail?](
- [How do you go about finding designers?](
- [What SaaS apps have a great UI ?](
- [How can you make a user experience addictive?](
- [Improving your design skills?](
- [Who are the top UI designers on the web today?](
- [Can someone refer me to a designer that doesn’t suck?](
- [Is there a designer-equivalent to HN?](
- [What’s the best webapp UI you’ve seen and what was used to make it?](
- [Where do you go for adhoc/freelance design resource?](
- [How do you pick colors](
- [basic web design for small projects?](


- [How to keep my CSS clean?](
- [What is the best CSS book?](
- [CSS vs table based layouts](


- [What to do for logos?](
- [Good web-based icon editor?](