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## Running a website

- [Dealing with abusive users](
- [How do big web sites roll out new versions?](


- [Anyone hosting their site on servers in their garage?](
- [Where do you host your webapp?](
- [VPS management for the absolute beginner](
- [Managing my own server.](
- [Managed dedicated hosting recommendations](
- [Which CDN do you use?](
- [Small, cheap server?](
- [Prgmr is unreliable. Please advise on VPS hosting.](
- [Who’s using Google App Engine?](
- [What hosting do you use for personal projects?](
- [Dreamhost VPS](
- [How do you handle server security/intrusion monitoring?](
- [Anyone used Amazon EC2 with a database or other high IO operation?](
- [Is it necessary to backup S3?](
- [Which cloud host do you use?](
- [AWS or dedicated server?](
- [slicehost-like providers outside the US?](

Server software

- [I really don’t understand node.js, could someone explain it to me?](
- [What web server do you use?](


- [What database does your startup use?](
- [I want to start learning about databases, where should I start?](
- [Anyone used XtraDB from Percona (instead of InnoDB)?](
- [Which persistent in-memory database to use?](
- [Use MySQL as a non-relational database](
- [What database would you use to store (min) 10 billion objects?](

Domain names

- [Should I try to get squatted domain or use domain hack?](
- [How should I approach buying my ideal domain name?](
- [Is a .net domain good enough?](
- [Is it worth buying misspellings around your domain name?](
- [Do you buy related domains early on (.net, .org, similar spellings)?](
- [how to buy a domain name from a squatter?](
- [Where do you buy domain names?](


- [How to do payments between users on my site?](
- [As a non-US resident, how do I accept CC payments on my website?](
- [What’s the most simple way to accept monthly subscription fees?](
- [What payment gateways do you use for your app?](
- [I’ve built a product - how do I take payments in the UK?](
- [Is there a cheap way to get money from customers (Not PayPal etc)](
- [A subscription/recurring billing service that just works. Any ideas?](
- [Alternative to](
- [how do you process payments?](
- [Best Micro Payment provider?](


- [Google Analytics for Startups?](
- [How accurate are Alexa/Compete/Quantcast for your website(s)?](
- [Any alternatives to Mixpanel ?](
- [What do you use for tracking your users?](
- [Please Suggest a Real Time Web Analytics Tool](
- [What do you do for analytics?](
- [What do you wish Google Analytics would do?](


- [where do you get your SSL certificates?](
- [Which SSL Cert to Buy?](
- [Why are SSL certificates so expensive?](
- [Where should I buy an SSL certificate for my site?](


- [do you use a SERP ranking service ? Which one ?](
- [Overcoming engineer/developer bias against SEO](
- [“Basic SEO”?](

Building Traffic

- [How to get the first 10 users?](
- [Jump starting techniques for a new site?](
- [How to get major bloggers write about my bootstrapped startup?](
- [How long after launch did you get your first customer?](
- [How do you go about spreading the word about your product or service?](
- [Which blogs did you contact to get coverage when you launched?](
- [Getting users](
- [How do I get to that next level of traffic?](


- [keeping services up and running?](
- [Patterns for deploying webapp updates with no downtime](
- [How do you test your web applications?](
- [What do you use to monitor your web application?](
- [Best practices for server redundancy?](
- [Which server monitoring tool do you use?](


- [List of open/public databases](
- [What data set would you like to see/use, but doesn’t exist?](
- [Best Text Mining Resources](
- [I want to learn statistics and data mining](
- [How or Where can I get data sets?](
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