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## Marketing/Advertising

- [Favorite startup demo videos](
- [What kind of advertising have you tried that worked?](
- [How do you advertise without spending money?](
- [Anyone advertised on the DECK, FusionAds, SO or Daring Fireball?](
- [What are your AdWords Ratios?](
- [How Can Ads Not Suck?](
- [How did you market your app when there were already a lot like yours?](
- [Are there any good Internet marketing books?](
- [What am I doing wrong here? (PR/Marketing an app)](
- [No-names, tell your story on how you got PR coverage](
- [Startup PR - How could they get so many coverages?](
- [How to spend a marketing budget of \$US 2k per month?](
- [How do you get your press?](
- [\$1000 to advertise my startup](