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## Media

- [What have you published that you are particularly proud of?](

Academic Papers

- [Publish in peer-review journal without affiliation?](
- [What’s your favorite scientific paper?](
- [Where do you get your scientific papers from?](
- [Getting published in an academic journal without holding or seeking a PhD?](


- [Summer Reading Recommendations?](
- [Best Philosophical Books?](
- [I want to start a web company what books should I read?](
- [How can I get the most out of SICP?](
- [Best book(s) to learn about the basics of economics?](
- [Free Programming eBooks](
- [Any good books on graphing/charting/visualization?](
- [Interesting (Non software) books?](
- [Any Books on Inspirational Computer Science Personalities ?](
- [What’s your favorite scientific paper?](
- [Great books you read in 2009?](
- [What’s the best first business book for a programmer?](
- [Please name two of your most favorite books.](
- [What are you reading?](
- [Fictional books related to startups?](
- [good books about military strategy?](
- [What’s a good book to learn electronics?](


- [Where do you get your unbiased news?](


- [Recommend me a Podcast](
- [How can I keep learning on my 1.5 hr commute?](
- [Do you create music? Let’s hear it!](


- [What’s your favorite TED Talk?](
- [video/screencast sites for learning programming?](
- [Movies that motivate you?](
- [What are some (good) hacker movies?](
- [What is your favorite TED talk?](


- [HN Alternatives?](
- [Best resources / websites in your opinion on the www?](
- [What HN-like sites do you visit?](
- [What are the best developer/hacker focused blogs?](
- [What’s your favorite site for hacking on things other than computers?](
- [What other HN-like sites do you read?](
- [Favorite blogs?](
- [List of Hacker Blogs?](
- [The best sites for content](