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## Misc

- [Share a gem. Teach me and you.](
- [What’s the best feature you’ve built that no one uses?](
- [What were your naivetés in your twenties?](
- [“I’m sure that’ll be really easy”](
- [What other low-probability high-impact events are we ignoring?](
- [How do I become smarter?](
- [What streetsmarts have you learnt?](
- [Hacker Hobbies?](
- [What advice would you give college students about starting a business?](
- [Cool Things You’ve Done (Brag Thread)](
- [A martial art for a programmer](
- [How do I regain my attention span?](
- [How do you keep up with changing technologies?](
- [What have you changed your mind about recently?](
- [Your biggest non-technical hack/discovery](
- [What are your failures?](
- [Do you think machine consciousness is possible?](
- [How I Hacked Hacker News (with arc security advisory)](
- [Who is Tara Ploughman?](
- [What would you tell your younger self?](