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## Stories and Advice

- [I’m selling all my stuff and moving to SF to work on my startup. Advice?](
- [Should I stand tall in the face of negative feedback?](
- [I’m launching in 30 days. No matter what. Hold me to it](
- [Share some ideas.](
- [Please, help me understand what I am doing wrong.](
- [My brain refuses to think, what should I do?](
- [How do you deal with suicidal thoughts ?](
- [Does reading HN ever make you feel like shit?](
- [Does my company with \$140,000 annual revenue have any value?](
- [log on, drop out?](
- [I really want to start a startup but I don’t know what to do.](
- [Average coder at dead-end. What now?](
- [Typical Startup or Abuse?](
- [I feel my dream slipping away](
- [Why do I lose interest in every project after 6 months?](
- [Are you happy, well-rounded? (dealing w/ depression/lack of motivation)](
- [I need to find out how to finish anything I start. Help me. Please.](
- [I’m lost](
- [How have you dealt with corruption?](
- [So…what the hell’s wrong with you, Shooter?](
- [Have you ever been successful in changing your personality?](
- [Where do I go from here?](
- [I’m Tired of Hacking. What Do I Do? Please Advise.](