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## Startups

- [Did you ever do anything unethical to get your startup off the ground?](
- [What do you wish you had known before starting up ?](
- [Startup founders, would you walk us through a day in the life?](
- [What do founders do for health insurance?](
- [How do you explain what you do to your relatives?](


- [How do you find a Business Partner?](
- [Is it possible to “find” a cofounder?](
- [How do you motivate a lazy co-founder?](
- [How to evaluate potential non-technical co-founders ?](
- [My co-founder sux. What can I do ?](
- [How did you and your cofounder meet?](

Single Founders

- [How to be a responsible single founder?](
- [Are you a single founder ?](

Finances and Accounting

- [What’s your burn rate? What do you do to reduce it?](
- [What’s your churn rate?](
- [Dealing with tax and accounting](
- [accounting resources for startups?](
- [Do we need to file/pay US taxes (Canadian corporation)?](
- [Good bank account for a startup?](
- [Payroll for bootstrapped startups?](


- [Cost of 1 Person LLC](


- [I am a junior angel in Silicon Valley. AMA](
- [Raising a friends And family round?](
- [Dealing with VCs, my experience](
- [What do these startups need so much money for?](

Market Research/Customer Development

- [How do you determine potential market size for a web app?](

Making Money

- [Surprised by your revenue? Easier than you thought?](
- [How did you ‘accidentally’ make money?](


- [Stop complaining and pay programmers more](
- [“Rockstar” job listings, yay or nay?](
- [Why won’t start-ups hire older, experienced programmers?](
- [As an employer, what do you wish applicants did more often?](
- [How do I find a marketing person for my startup?](
- [Does interviewing developers leave you depressed?](
- [How to Hire Hackers](

Working at

- [Should I be told a startup’s present valuation when given stock options?](
- [Equity for a first employee](


- [How to find advisers](

Previous Startups

- [Do you have any startup related regrets? Epic failures?](


- [What is the best city to start a start-up in Europe?](
- [Is there a Y Combinator equivalent in Australia?](
- [Best Startup City - Outside the USA?](
- [Limited Liability Company while operating in another country](
- [Cloning a US startup for a european country ?](


- [How to get a U.S. Visa (and work on your own startup)?](
- [How can I move to USA?](
- [Should I get U.S. citizenship?](
- [legally start a Bay Area startup without being American?](


- [Selling my first company - need help with the process](
- [What is a talent acquisition like?](
- [I’m very tired…. how do I sell my company?](