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## Ideas

- [If ideas are worthless, why are some startups in stealth mode?](
- [Methods for finding niche business opportunities](
- [Let’s Revive PG’s /ideas.html discussion](
- [What are problems that need to be solved?](
- [Here is my current batch of ideas. In exchange, I ask for your feedback.](
- [Bad experiences after sharing your idea?](
- [What problem is REALLY bugging you?](
- [What’s a problem, any problem, you’d like to see someone solve?](
- [What industry needs technical innovation?](
- [Whom do you admire most?](
- [What’s your best startup idea?](
- [ideas for little projects you have?](
- [Steal my Ideas (or help me)](
- [Outlandish Startup Ideas Pool](
- [What’s a problem you’d like to see someone solve?](