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## Tools

- [What paid services do you use now for your startup?](
- [Google Analytics Charts](
- [What tool makes you most productitive?](
- [Little things/tools that improved your work or life lately?](
- [How do you record your thoughts?](
- [What Web apps increase your productivity?](
- [What apps are essential for mac?](
- [What Paid Services Do You Use For Your Startup?](


- [What’s your computer setup?](
- [How viable is it for a programmer to switch to a DVORAK keyboard layout?](
- [MAC vs PC for a developer?](


- [What code editor do you use?](
- [Best code editor?](
- [What editor do you use?](

### Emacs

- [What’s in your .emacs file?](

### Vim

- [What Vim Plugins do you use?](
- [Suggestions for mastering vim?](
- [What’s the best way to get started with Vi(m)](
- [What’s in your .vimrc file?](

Operating Systems

- [I’m a Linux guy. Tell me about all those BSDs](
- [Do you understand your operating system?](
- [Linux on the desktop 2010, your honest thoughts?](
- [What is your primary \*nix distro on your home machine?](
- [Best Unix Tricks?](
- [What OS do you use everyday, or most often?](


- [What do you know about virtual assistants?](
- [Does anybody know any outsourcing success stories?](
- [How to hire a good virtual assistant for a startup?](
- [How to outsource?](
- [Where do you find freelance developers](


- [Good Aeron knock-off/alternative?](
- [Your Hacker Workspace](
- [Cheap alternatives to Aeron chairs?](