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## Jobs

- [I’m an 18 year old programmer; How do I get a job?](
- [How do I ask for a salary increase?](
- [Is the “adult space” a career-killer?](
- [anyone ever drop everything and leave software dev behind?](
- [Well paid jobs that require you to be physically active?](
- [What’s the worst job you’ve had outside technology?](
- [Has anyone ended up regretting quitting a good job for their own business?](
- [Need advice for starting freelance biz and eventual startup life.](
- [What to do about a boring job ?](
- [How do I get out of my unhappy coding job?](
- [How valuable to my resume is 5 years at Microsoft?](
- [Non-programming, ‘thinking’ jobs?](
- [Non-programming part time jobs?](
- [Fastest way to make \$300-400 a month online?](
- [Other careers for a hacker?](
- [What are your best resume tips?](
- [What would you do if you had to switch to a “manual” job?](
- [What was your first job?](
- [Outdoor jobs for geeks?](
- [Worst working conditions you have written code in?](


- [How do you control consulting work and concentrate on startup work?](
- [What proficiency does one need to start freelancing?](
- [How do I become a consultant?](
- [consultancy, how to?](
- [How do you get new freelance jobs/contracts?](