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Some everyday hacks that simplify life:

- soak dishes immediately after using them to make them easier to clean later on
- turn graphic t-shirts inside-out when doing laundry to preserve the decal
- rub a thin coat of baby oil on stainless appliances to keep them looking brand new
- take a glass bowl with a plate to cover it to pop porcorn in it using no oil. Should take between 3 and 5 minutes based on your microwave power settings. Popcorn popped this way is very healthy, but extreamly bland. It is ideal for use as packing material when shipping stuff.
- Make a small pizza using a tortilla, some shredded cheese, your favorite toppings, some sauce (can be ketchup if you lack pizza sauce) and then microwave it for one to two minutes on a plate. You can roll it up into a pizza wrap instead of slicing it into pieces.