Soup notes.

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# The New Kitchens

The title refers to my new kitchen(s): the one I moved into when I got married and its new, renovated incarnation.

I have made all the recipes in the cookbook (unless otherwise noted on a couple I haven't gotten to yet), most of them more than once, and most of them in one of the new kitchens. These are all the recipes that I make frequently now; a few old recipes haven't made it into the cookbook because it's been so long: some Latin recipes from Cato, which are of mainly historical interest, my collection of ricotta pie and rice pudding recipes, and even my favorite recipe, *Dobrada com Grão*, long neglected due to the difficulty of obtaining tripe (not to mention the lack of general interest).

Most of the soups are Portuguese; most of the cookies are Italian. (It's not a cookie without anise.) The Pasta chapter is Italian as well.