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**[QuickBooks Technical Support](https://customer-care-help.com/quickbooks-support "QuickBooks Technical Support")**
To reset your QuickBooks Administrator password, take the help of QuickBooks Automated Password Removal tool and follow the steps mentioned below
• Open QuickBooks Login page.
• Enter your username. Leave the password field blank.
• Click on ‘I forgot my password.’
• Select the challenge question and answer the same.
• Input the new password in the field and then confirm the password.
• If you forgot your challenge question, then fill out the Reset QuickBooks Administrator Password Form
• Open your registered email and copy and paste the code that you have received in the required field
• Create a new password, confirm the same, and reset the challenge question.
In case of any guidance or help, have a word with the techies at **[QuickBooks Online Tech Support Number](https://customer-care-help.com/support-for-quickbooks-online/ "QuickBooks Online Tech Support Number")**.
Read More: **[QuickBooks Desktop Customer Care Phone Number](https://customer-care-help.com/quickbooks-desktop-customer-care/ "QuickBooks Desktop Customer Care Phone Number")**