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# A New Chapter

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This is a book. However, it is not like many other books in that it is an ongoing experiment. I am writing this book as a beginner who started with no knowledge of Clojure itself, but rather a keen interest in list processing languages and a background in C, Python, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and some light brushing into Java's smooth, teasing legs.

# Goals

- Go from fundamental learning to deploying a web application
- Understand the inner workings of Clojure
- Collaborate with others to ensure this is actually readable
- Include as many references to not wearing pants as possible


It is generally my goal to go in the form of concept => explanation => code sample. An example:

Bobby is a guy who really enjoys relaxing at home with no pants on. It's just sort of his thing.

In order to do this he takes his pants off like so:

((def pants 1)(def bobby 2)(bobby - pants))

bobbyCode samples are indented and kept in this form. The ";=>" is the REPL's way of giving us output.

The current chapter listings are organized with intention. I feel it is the best way to introduce concepts with my learning thus far. If someone differs in opinion make a merge request and I'm not affraid to admit I was wrong. It is simply what has worked for me best so far and has already changed multiple times.