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# Clojure: From Zero to Deploy

This is a book geared toward someone with some basic understanding of programming (understand control flow, conditional logic, recursion etc.) but wants to dig into the wonderful world of list processing!

It is an ongoing experiment in which the following is the premise: I am aggressively studying the topic of Clojure and as I go along this road I am making the chapters of this book once i feel I have reached an understanding of the topic. A beginner trying to teach beginners. Requests to contribute/modify/edit are all welcomed with open arms.

At the current stage the goal is to release an entire HTML version of this for free, and if there is interest produce screencasts as well. I am working full time, but work on this whenever possible. If anyone is interested in working with me, merge requests are welcome. Feel free to ask me any questions that come to mind on [Twitter](http://www.twitter.com/graysonrhii).


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### Table of Contents:
* [Intentions, Structure, Goals, Etc](https://www.penflip.com/rhgraysonii/clojure_from_zero_to_deploy/blob/master/0.0_Intentions__Structure__Goals__Etc.txt)
* [On Strings](https://www.penflip.com/rhgraysonii/clojure_from_zero_to_deploy/blob/master/1_On_Strings.txt)
* [On Numbers and Arithmetic](https://www.penflip.com/rhgraysonii/clojure_from_zero_to_deploy/blob/master/2_On_Numbers_and_Arithmetic.txt)
* [Maps, Arrays, Data Structures-- oh my!](https://www.penflip.com/rhgraysonii/clojure_from_zero_to_deploy/blob/master/3_Maps_Arrays_Data_Structures_Oh_My.txt)