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    noticed a couple typos

    loren - over 5 years ago (Oct 20, 2013, 1:19 AM)
    went ahead and fixed them!
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      Looks like something's not quite right here.. We've been notified of the issue, and will get back to you soon.
      I have long dreamed of a tool for publishing content the right way ...

      Contenders for the throne:

      1. Penflip http://www.penflip.com/
      2. Authorea https://www.authorea.com/
      3. Draftin https://draftin.com/
      4. Editorially https://editorially.com/


      - Kivo http://kivo.com/ (Version control for powerpoint)


      - Beautifully useful
      - Version control
      - Collaboration
      - Open source
      - Semantic markup
      - Linked data
      - High level of granulation

      ## Linked data

      I want to be able to mark a name up and link it to an authority file