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    Answer to prompt: Why I write.
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      Some people don't write. I can understand why. For instead of treating writing as leisure, they treat writing as a form of work. There's some truth in that, when somebody writes his mind is in constarnt writing
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      tension. The brain flexes and moves, transforming abstract ideas and thoughts into concrete, continuous prose.

      It may be a line on a piece of wood pulp, or it may be paragraph after paragraph on a liquid-crystal display. But it's still work.

      Sometimes, I really wonder why I write. Is it because my brain is addicted to work? I d
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      so, my brain is a lazy piece of meat. Is the combination of all fours aspects of language: syntax, semantics, pragmatics and phonology really that therapeutic?

      No, not really. I think it's because it's illegal for me to kidnap large groups of people and command them to act at my heart's content. That's why I write.