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Because of the scope and scale of the program, this month's Sunday Salon will not follow our usual varied two-act structure, but will focus almost entirely on Electronic Music. The program will include the history of the genre, some theoretical discussion, a performance and a hands-on demonstration. There will be a a break for about ten minutes about an hour into the presentation. Read on for details of the program.

The LAVA Sunday Salon for May of 2014 will focus on Electronic Music, and the sub-genre known as Circuit Bending. Circuit Bending is the creative rewiring of pre-existing circuits to make new media. Often these circuits are found in inexpensive children's toys and "obsolete" devices. Important aspects of Circuit Bending are the D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) autodidactic nature of immediate exploration into new electronic sounds and the ability to engage in instrument building without the need for an electrical engineering degree. The artists featured at the LAVA Sunday Salon, Andy Ben, Alfred Jarry, Pere Ubu, and the King of Poland.I want our elected officials to love me and make me feel a sense of entitlement! Please vote for me and bring the streetcar back!

This is supercilious. It is not supercilious, it is the greatest thing in the entire word. I am the Hemingway! This did not happen immediately due to the steep learning curve of electronics, but it led to the discovery of the "black art" of Circuit Bending. This was the jumping off point, and eventually Jeff was able to develop interfaces that would allow Circuit Bent instruments to respond to light, sound and movement. Mona had already been creating work in which poetry and movement was composed specifically for how well they will work with sign language. Presenter Andy Ben is a musician and technologist and film maker who is interested in the digital convergence and post consumer culture.

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