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# Episode 60 - Inciting Incidents

Write here...# Episode 60

## Works in Progress

[00:26] Eric is busy as a bee. He's made a mistake and went to print out the full content of *Prince of Pigeon Hill* and printed it out in a huge font with large margins. It's looking like a copy of *War and Peace*.

He's past 40,000 words of the other first draft.

He continues to write his Revue newsletter. Eric is having fun writing it.

John was doing well, but not so much anymore. He's working on *The Rend*, his post-apocalyptic story. He has been writing using Chris Fox's methods. But he's been out east for his son's lacrosse tournaments and that has killed his desire to write after a hot day in the sun. Writing pen on paper has helped some.

Mike's still playing with the Ricky Cage screenplay. He's learning a lot about the screenplay format, but it's led to editing while writing. Mike has also printed a bunch of material that he's building into his content calendar book.

## Reading Spotlight
[09:41] Mike is reading [Angelic Music: The Story of Benjamin Franklin's Glass Armonica](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CO34KYM/?tag=typehammer-20) by Corey Mead, about the first musical instrument invented by an American, the Glass Armonica.

John is reading [Destroyer](https://www.amazon.com/Destroyer-Void-Wraith-Trilogy-Book-ebook/dp/B01D5NG7HS/?tag=typehammer-20) by Chris Fox, the first book in the Fox's Void Wraith trilogy.

## What's Happening Online

### Reality is a Bubble
[Reality is a bubble](http://factordaily.com/sci-fi-philip-k-dick-new-worlds-weekly/) is an article about Philip K Dick, the fictionalizing philosopher. Dick died before his works became popular movies and he became an icon in the science fiction realm.

### Notebooks in the iPhone Era
[Why the Humble Notebook is Flourishing in the iPhone Era](https://newrepublic.com/article/134486/humble-notebook-flourishing-iphone-era) explores the craze of bullet journaling and the use of paper notebooks.

You can learn more about [Bullet Journaling](http://bulletjournal.com/) on the official website.

### Young Frankenstein book
[Mel Brooks is writing an Abby Normally fun-sounding Young Frankenstein book](http://www.avclub.com/article/mel-brooks-writing-abby-normally-fun-sounding-youn-239543).

### 100 Rejections
[Why you should aim for 100 rejections a year](http://lithub.com/why-you-should-aim-for-100-rejections-a-year/). Kim Liao suggests that writers aim for 100 rejections a year. Instead of attempting to set a goal based on acceptances, which you cannot control, you *can* control how many submissions you send out.

### Dictionary Stories
[Dictionary Stories](http://www.dictionarystories.com/) are very short stories composed entirely of example sentences from various dictionaries.

## Tech Focus

## Craft Talk