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# Episode 61 - Plagarism

Write here..## Works in Progress
[00:35] Mike is working on the Mindmap to End All Mindmaps for his Content Calendar book. It's pretty extensive, so he'll have to whittle that down to a single book.
He's also working on a presentation he'll be giving in August and October.

John hasn't written very much this week, still getting back to normal after lacrosse.

Eric spent 5 days in the hospital, which curtailed his reading and writing, but he's back to writing again.

*Dragon Tracker* is past 50K words. He ran the story through the say command, and it's about 5 hours long when read out by the computer. He's listening to it in the car and using it as a refresher, but not taking notes to go along with it at this point.

He also has some new notes for *Road of Fire*, which he'll move back to writing on when the first act of *Dragon Tracker* is finished.

## Reading Spotlight
Eric has finished book 2 of [War and Peace](http://www.amazon.com/War-Peace-Tolstoy-Illustrated-Unabridged-ebook/dp/B019JIGCMI/?tag=typehammer-20) by Leo Tolstoy. He's also reading [The Profession](https://www.amazon.com/Profession-Thriller-Steven-Pressfield/dp/0767931173/?tag=typehammer-20) by Steven Pressfield