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# Episode 58 - World-Building

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In this episode of the Typehammer Podcast, we discuss why your book cover should be yellow, talk about world building, and play a few rounds of Write on Par.

## Works in Progress

[00:46] John is working on his writing prompt story called *The Ellensen*. He's also been working on the plot for *The Rend*, his post-apocalyptic story.

Mike was on vacation in Florida. While he was on the plane, his son Michael was sitting next to Eddie Money. This inspired a story idea for Mike about an aging rock star moving in next door to a suburban couple and becoming a mentor to their teenage son.

Eric is resting the writing he did in May on a new story and letting his wife read it. Meanwhile, he's working on the rewrites for *Prince of Pigeon Hill*.

## Reading Spotlight
[03:50] Mike keeps seeing posts and tweets about the TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman's [American Gods](http://www.amazon.com/American-Gods-Tenth-Anniversary-Novel/dp/0062059882/tag=typehammer-20). Mike picked up the book in order to get familiar with the story before the show starts.