Alphabetized books in the Reading Spotlight section.

John Uhri authored
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# Books we talk about (Reading Spotlight)

##Talked about all the time
- [The Martian]( by Andy Weir. Our podcast should just be called The Martian we talk about it so much.

## Some books frequently discussed (listed by author)
###Neal Stephenson
- [Cryptonomicon]( (Episodes: 15, 16)
- [Reamde]( (Episodes: 15, 16)
- [Seveneves]( (Episodes: 15, 16)

### William Gibson
- [The Peripheral]( (Episodes: 15)

- [A Dark Lure]( by Loreth Anne White (Mike, Episodes: 14, 15)
- [American Gods]( by Neil Gaiman (John, Episode 16)
- [Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania]( by Erik Larson (Episode 17)
- [The Devil in the White City]( by Erik Larson (Episode 17)
- [The Girl from Krakow]( by Alex Rosenberg (Mike, Episode 17)
- [Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy]( by Douglas Adams (Episode 15 in Craft Talk)
- [The Killer Angels: A Novel of the Civil War]( by Michael Shaara (Eric, Episode 16)
- [New Yorked]( by Rob Hart (Eric, Episode ??, In Craft Talk in Episode 15)
- [The Poisonwood Bible]( by Barbara Kingsolver (Eric, Episodes 16, 17)
- [(R)evolution]( by PJ Manney (Mike, Episode 14)
- [The Tears of Jihad]( by Sean Emerson (Eric, Episodes: 15, 16)
- [Wool]( by Hugh Howey (Mike, Episode ??, John, Episode 17)

- [Death in a Prairie House: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Murders]( by William R. Drennan (Mike, Episode 16)
-[Storm of Steel]( by Ernst Jünger (Eric, Episode 18)

###Apocalypse Weird
This is a series John has been reading. It doesn't deserve a category of its own, but its easier to list theme here.

- The Red King
- The Dark Knight
- Texocalypse Now
- [Reversal]( (Episode 16)
- [The Serenity Strain]( (Episode 15, 16)

## Books on Craft
- [On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft]( by Stephen King
- [How to Make a Living as a Writer]( by James Scott Bell (John, Episodes 14, 15)