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# Episode 56 - Breaking Promises

Write here...## Works in Progress

[00:35] Mike's been working on his Wordcamp St. Louis presentation, obsessing over the slides more than what he'll be speaking on.

Eric's rewriting on *Prince of Pigeon Hill*, and on a 12-day streak of 750 words during his lunch break.

John started another short story based on a writing prompt about space pirates.

## Reading Spotlight

[04:36] Eric hasn't been reading too much, choosing instead to focus on writing.

Mike has suffered a great, great loss - his Nexus 9 bricked on the last software update. All his books were on his Kindle app on the tablet, and he doesn't like to read on his other devices.

John is still reading [The Traitor Baru Cormorant](http://www.amazon.com/Traitor-Baru-Cormorant-Seth-Dickinson-ebook/dp/B00V351EOM/?tag=typehammer-20) by Seth Dickinson. The library has auto-renewed it 4 times for him already.

## What's Happening Online

### Character Flaws

[06:24] [List of Character Flaws](http://allbestnet.com/post/142391149632/list-of-character-flaws). This long list gives you ideas for flaws your characters can have.

### The Cost of Self Publishing

[06:54] Mediashift has an infographic based on data from the Reedsy marketplace. With 2000 quotes from 400 professional writers, it gives an idea of the total costs for self-publishing.

The average book length was about 73,000 words. Cover designs averaged $700.

Total cost for most books is somewhere between $2000-2500.